Experienced Design Services + Permits

No construction project can start and flourish without a solid plan of execution, and that all starts with design. At City Professional Trades, we offer professional and experienced design services that help bring your vision to fruition. Our team of experts will work closely with you to create the ideal design while taking all mechanical, structural, and architectural elements into consideration.


During this crucial planning phase, we establish the goals and expectations for each project we undertake. Once these elements are solidified, they are executed into practical solutions. We can also manage inspections and quality assurance to ensure a solid project when all is said and done.


We are also well-versed in handling all permit requirements to ensure that all construction elements are to code and that all regulations are complied with. The overall design process is completed with a comprehensive set of drawings, ready for the permit stage. All of your construction needs are handled in one place with City Professional Trades. With our services, you’ll be provided with everything you need from start to finish.